What to Do When Your Eating Plan Isn’t Working

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What to Do When Your Eating Plan Isn’t Working

In most cases, experts say that it’s safe to lose one to two pounds per week. But if your weight loss plan just doesn’t seem to be working, what can you do? Try these strategies to get off of the “weight loss plateau”.

Beware the “healthy” label.  Hummus contains 80 calories in just two tablespoons, and an avocado packs 300 calories. But since these foods are often touted as nutritious, some people think serving sizes don’t matter. Be sure to investigate the caloric content of all foods you eat, and don’t subconsciously translate “healthy” into “all you can eat”.

Keep a food diary. Recording every meal and snack holds you accountable to your weight loss plan. It will also teach you about portion sizes and calorie control, if you measure each serving and use a calorie tracker to determine caloric content. If you’re stuck on a weight loss plateau, keeping a food diary can help you determine where you might have gone wrong.

Practice mindful eating. “Distracted eating” is another reason you might be unconsciously consuming more calories than intended. Sit at a table for meals, avoid TV or phone screens, and put down your fork between bites.

Address hunger and cravings. If you feel excessively hungry on a regular basis, you’re more likely to give into cravings for sugary or starchy foods. Filling up on non-starchy vegetables (such as salad greens, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, or cauliflower) can help you feel full in between meals. It’s almost impossible to eat too many vegetables, unless you’re drowning them in fatty dressings or dips.

Address your stress triggers. If you suffer chronic stress or a disrupted sleep routine, your body will release hormones that trigger fat storage. This can make weight loss even more difficult, because your body fights to hold onto extra energy.

If you try these strategies and still can’t get off the weight loss plateau, give us a call. We can consult with you about a medical weight loss plan that will help you shed unwanted pounds.