What Time of Day is Best for Exercise?

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February 7, 2022
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What Time of Day is Best for Exercise?

You probably know someone who supported their weight loss plan by getting up an hour earlier every morning to exercise. Or you might know someone who swears by a walk after dinner each night. Maybe a coworker has found success by heading to the gym on their lunch break. So who is right? And is there a better time of day to exercise?

Actually, the effects of exercise can vary depending upon the time of day that you work out. But it’s not all about your weight loss plan; there are other benefits as well.

Morning workouts. The best thing about a morning workout is that you prioritize it, get it over with for the day, and it’s rare that unexpected emergencies will derail your plans. Research has also shown that exercising before you eat can prime your body’s metabolism to burn more efficiently throughout the rest of the day. And of course, if you get moving early in the day, you might feel more energized for work and other responsibilities.

Midday workouts. Midday workouts can be great for those who struggle to find any other time for exercise. Exercising on your lunch break can also help you bust out of an energy slump, and might reduce work-related stress. You might find that you come back from your midday workout feeling more focused and creative. And because a sedentary lifestyle (sitting all day) can be detrimental to your health, a midday workout habit can carry positive, long-term health benefits.

Evening workouts. For some people, evenings are simply the most convenient time to work out (expecially if you hate getting up in the dark). Walking after dinner can also aid in digestion, and stave off the urge to have dessert. An evening workout can also help you to unwind at the end of the day, leading to better sleep. Just don’t overdo it within two or so hours of bedtime, or the adrenaline could keep you up late.

So which workout time is better? That depends on which health goals you want to address, other than supporting your weight loss plan. And of course, the most important part of exercise is doing it consistently. So for some people, choosing the most convenient time is the answer.

If you have other questions about your exercise or eating habits, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you put together a weight loss plan that brings long term success.