A Way Around the Most Common Exercise Obstacle

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July 23, 2017
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A Way Around the Most Common Exercise Obstacle

Are you exercising as much as you want to be? Ask most people this question, and you’ll often hear some variation on this answer: “I’m trying, but I just can’t find the time!”

First of all, that’s an extremely common problem, so try not to feel bad about it. Then, consider creative ways that you can fit in a workout. In fact, we know one method of scheduling exercise into a tight schedule, that might actually be better for you!

If your job involves sitting for long periods of time, you might already know that this can be very bad for you. An overly sedentary job could damage your cardiovascular health, and you’re probably not performing at 100 percent for eight hours per day, either! You’d have to be superhuman to not feel sluggish and unproductive sometimes.

That brings us to our solution, which can not only help you fit in some exercise but also improve your work performance. It’s called micro-walks, and it’s pretty much how it sounds. Basically, you get up and go for a short walk any time you can. You could walk briskly through the park for ten minutes on your lunch break, or walk the stairwells in your office building on five-minute breaks. Anything is better than nothing, and it all adds up!

It’s easy to see how this plan benefits you, if you don’t always have time to schedule a one-hour exercise session during your work days. But there are some challenges to this plan.

First, you have to remember to do it. Set an alarm or notification on your computer to remind you.

Second, if you’re not in the habit of wearing comfortable footwear to the office, you’ll need a pair of walking shoes that you can easily slip on and off. You might find yourself forgetting to pack them in the morning, so just buy an extra pair and stash them under your desk.

The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of walking per day, and walking can also prevent arthritis and other age-related problems. And if that isn’t enough motivation, take notice of how your mood and concentration powers are boosted during your short jaunts. It sounds so simple, and yet it really works.