Frustrated By Stubborn Cellulite? TruSculpt Can Help!

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January 15, 2014
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Frustrated By Stubborn Cellulite? TruSculpt Can Help!

Woman measuring perfect shape of beautiful hipsIt’s a common scenario we see often in our office: healthy, attractive, and hard-working people who, despite their best efforts at weight loss, are frustrated by the appearance of excess cellulite. Even very thin and fit people often find themselves annoyed by the bumpy, flabby appearance cellulite lends to their physiques. Cellulite can be particularly stubborn and difficult to deal with, because it lives just under the surface of the skin and does not respond to typical weight loss efforts.

The bad news: there is not a diet regimen or exercise routine in the world that will rid you of unwanted cellulite. Once you have it, losing weight can lessen its appearance to some degree, but usually will not remove it completely.

The good news: you do have other options! While some people opt for traditional liposuction, in which this stubborn subcutaneous fat is literally sucked away via surgical techniques, we can offer a much less invasive procedure right in our office.

TruSculpt is based on radio frequency technology, and it delivers deep heating to subcutaneous tissues where that persistent fat likes to hang out. A series of treatments with truSculpt will reduce fat in treated areas, help you contour your body to the desired shape, and tighten the skin.

The advantage of truSculpt over surgical liposuction lies in the recovery time. After a truSculpt session, you can immediately return to your normal activities. It’s also a very comfortable procedure, requiring no pain medication or anesthesia. TruSculpt is so easy and painless, you could have it done on your lunch break.

Typically, truSculpt sessions last less than an hour, and a patient will need 2-4 sessions to produce their desired results. Since sessions will be scheduled 4-8 weeks apart, we recommend you get started today. Call our office to schedule a consultation, and by summer you’ll be feeling sexier and more confident than ever with your newly sculpted body.