July 23, 2014

Enjoy Summer Barbecues & Meet Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re planning several backyard barbecues this summer, you may be worried about jeopardizing your health and weight loss goals. Rest assured that grilled food can […]
July 14, 2014

One Exercise for a Flatter Stomach

We’re in the midst of summer now, and part of your weight loss goal may be to trim down excess belly fat. While it takes a […]
July 7, 2014

Small Steps Toward Big Weight Loss Goals

  At times, your weight loss goals can seem impossible. We tend to set one large goal for ourselves, and despair when we don’t reach it […]
June 24, 2014

Will a Cleanse Get You in Shape for Summer?

Summer is here, and most of us are eager to get rid of those last few pounds. Juice cleanses are a popular weight loss solution right […]
June 18, 2014

A Wardrobe for Your Weight Loss Journey

While the most important reason to lose weight is to improve your health, looking slimmer feels pretty great too. So once your weight loss program starts […]
June 9, 2014

How to Choose a Temecula Weight Loss Doctor

  Many people try one fad diet after another, but those stubborn pounds always come back (or don’t ever disappear in the first place). At some […]
June 5, 2014

Change Your Habits to Change Your Life

Have you ever known someone who lost a lot of weight, only to regain it within a year? Perhaps you’ve even been there yourself. It feels […]
May 13, 2014

Reverse Sun Damage and Banish Brown Age Spots

As you age, you begin to realize the importance of protecting your skin from the sun. But hindsight is 20/20, and you may not have been […]
April 30, 2014

Top 6 Anti-Aging Myths

  For as long as humans have been aging, we’ve been coming up with ways to try to turn back the clock. Science and technology have […]
April 23, 2014

Banish the Signs of Premature Aging!

  Both men and women worry about the signs of premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead or around the mouth. There […]