3 Tips for Increasing Your Metabolism

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June 12, 2013
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June 25, 2013

3 Tips for Increasing Your Metabolism

Woman measuring perfect shape of beautiful hipsI often get asked why does my spouse or my friend lose weight doing the same diet  as me and I seem to struggle?

One word: Metabolism.

It is not fair that some people are fortunate to have a fast metabolism and they can eat McDonald’s every day, and not gain a pound.  While another person even looks at a McDonald’s sign and he or she gains weight.  Obviously I am exaggerating, but to my patients, they start out discouraged and can’t seem to picture themselves as a thin and healthy person.  With the help of my staff, we can transform your way of thinking and feeling.  Of course, MD Diet is the perfect place to help you reach your goals but if you lack the money or the time for medical direction, then simply start taking my advice from these helpful and educational articles.  Whatever you do, DON’T BE DISCOURAGED!

Everyone has the power to boost their metabolism no matter how old, how out of shape you might be or how overweight you are, you can change boost your metabolism.  Stay away from the people that tell you it is a waste of time.   You can do it and you will if you follow my advice.

1.  Take Zinc: Did you know that Zinc can reduce hunger because it increases the level of liptin, a hormone that alerts your body when you’re full.  You can purchase Zinc at the local grocery store, or Vitamin store and they are usually in multivitamins.

2.  Eat every 3 hours:  This seems like an easy thing to do, but for some it can be a challenge to eat every three hours because of work and other responsibilities.  However, if you set your phone or watch as a reminder it can be a bit easier to grab that healthy snack.  (Try to not exceed 250 calories for each snack).  By eating every three hours, it keeps your metabolism going and it stops you from eating more during meal times with family or friends.

3.  Eat Protein:  I know this is hard for all those carb lovers out there.  However, if you increase your protein, the body has to work harder to burn those calories which means it increases your metabolism.  This is easy for the people that enjoy snacking on Ostrich sticks or beef jerky!

Obviously there is more you can do to increase metabolism, but these are three steps you can take right now.  Have a happy and healthy week and remember to make good choices!