How to Choose a Temecula Weight Loss Doctor

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June 5, 2014
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June 18, 2014

How to Choose a Temecula Weight Loss Doctor


Temecula weight loss doctorMany people try one fad diet after another, but those stubborn pounds always come back (or don’t ever disappear in the first place). At some point you may find yourself realizing, I need to seek the advice of a physician. This is a positive step in the right direction, because you’ve recognized the fact that weight loss is often a medical issue that requires professional guidance.

But how do you select the right Temecula weight loss doctor? Keep the following tips in mind when choosing a physician to guide your diet and exercise program:

Your Temecula weight loss doctor addresses the reasons you’re overweight.

Five different people can carry extra weight for five different reasons. If you visit a weight loss doctor and he simply tells you to eat less and exercise more, this might not be the right physician for you.

Instead, your weight loss doctor should run a few tests to rule out medical problems that could be contributing to your weight. He or she will also talk to you about your emotional health and the reasons that you eat. Yes, a diet and exercise program will probably be recommended, but your doctor should recognize that the underlying cause of your weight needs to be addressed as well.

Your doctor can make referrals, if necessary.

If your weight loss doctor uncovers a medical cause for your weight problem, he or she may be able to address that issue with medication and other interventions. However, if you overeat for emotional reasons, or you need nutritional advice, he should be able to refer you to a licensed therapist, nutritionist, or other professionals who will assist in your weight loss journey.

Your physician doesn’t jump to the last resort.

There are certainly cases in which weight loss surgery is medically justifiable. However, these surgeries carry risks for the patient, are expensive, and often require a long recovery. Your physician shouldn’t jump to a last resort solution before first trying a holistic weight loss program which includes dietary changes, supplementation, and other treatments which address the underlying cause of your excess weight.

Your Temecula weight loss doctor makes things easy for you.

Your doctor should clearly explain everything you need to do at every stage of the process. He or she should give you materials that clearly outline your dietary needs and limitations. If supplements are recommended, it is easiest for you if your doctor has those in stock so that you don’t have to search for them. This way your physician becomes a one-stop shop for everything you need.