Taking a Healthy Lifestyle With You on Vacation

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June 24, 2019
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Taking a Healthy Lifestyle With You on Vacation

If you’ve just begun a lifestyle change or weight loss plan, taking a vacation can feel like a challenge. You might experience difficulty sticking to your new routine, your gym is unavailable, and you might not have access to the same foods you’ve been eating. So, how can you take a trip without taking a break from your healthy lifestyle?

First, take a deep breath. It’s unlikely that one week is going to drastically derail your progress. So even if you make a few mistakes, it won’t make that much difference to the big picture. There are fifty-one more weeks in the year.

Now, take a break from your weigh-ins. On vacation, you would be using a different scale anyway (if you can even find one at your hotel). Since scales can vary slightly, stepping on a new one the minute you arrive might just result in confusing numbers. Plus, traveling via plane can actually trigger bloating. So forget about weigh-ins for now, and give yourself a few days to readjust after arriving home, too.

Try some new types of activity. Your regular gym and routine are back at home, but you can still get active and burn calories. While on vacation, try paddleboarding, hiking, or simply log your steps as you explore a new city. Have fun without worrying about the calorie burn, because as long as you’re active, you’ll burn them.

As a bonus, you might be interested to know that engaging in unfamiliar activities can actually challenge your muscles and lead to increased calorie burn.

Stick to your eating plan… as much as possible. Don’t slip into the “vacation mindset” in which you eat everything that appeals to you, but don’t restrict your fun completely, either. Take the middle road: Decide upon one or two meaningful indulgences for the week, don’t feel guilty about them, and otherwise try to stick as close as possible to your eating plan.

Take a healthy mindset with you. Remember that healthy foods and exercise are not a punishment; they’re a great way to love yourself! Try not to compare this vacation to any other. Enjoy it as it is, healthy choices and all.

And of course, please give us a call if you need help with your eating plan. We can help you identify ways to continue your weight loss plan even when restaurant food is your main fare.