Solutions for Spider Vein Removal in Temecula

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October 4, 2021
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Solutions for Spider Vein Removal in Temecula

We can all empathize with the impossibility of competing with perfectly Photoshopped images. None of us will ever have absolutely flawless skin without a single mark or visible pore. Having said that, certain conditions are more bothersome than others, and you don’t have to live with them! For example, spider veins are a common, unsightly condition that is extremely easy to treat with simple in-office procedures.

Spider veins are abnormally enlarged blood vessels that create a web of noticeable, dark red, blue, or purple veins just underneath the skin. They most often occur on the legs, and in women more than men. Spider veins can also show up on the face, where they are particularly bothersome. Sometimes the web of veins can bulge up and create an uneven appearance.

First, can you prevent spider veins? Yes, to a certain degree. Some people are more prone to them than others, but the following contributing factors can be controlled:

  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Obesity
  • Use of birth control pills
  • Hormone therapies

On the other hand, certain factors cannot be controlled, such as:

  • Advanced age
  • Pregnancy
  • Family history
  • History of blood clots
  • Prior vein surgery

So, no matter what you do, spider veins can happen. What you do about them is up to you. If you’re searching for spider vein removal in Temecula, we can certainly help.

Today’s treatments for spider veins are quick and very comfortable, and can be performed right here in our office. Several sessions are often required, but within weeks we can often see a noticeable difference in the appearance. For more information on spider vein removal in Temecula, call our office to discuss your options. We can get you started on a treatment plan that helps you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin.