Social Distancing on Your Daily Walk

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April 26, 2020
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Social Distancing on Your Daily Walk

Most experts continue to agree that spending some time outside is still perfectly safe, and even good for you, provided you maintain proper social distancing measures. So the good news is that yes, heading out for your daily walk shouldn’t pose any unreasonable dangers for you. So you can continue with the exercise part of your weight loss plan! But naturally, you might wonder how you can proceed with outdoor exercise cautiously.

Social distancing is important. The main point, stressed by most health experts, is that we should maintain a “social distance” of at least six feet. This shouldn’t be overly difficult to accomplish if you’re just going for a walk. Still, take care not to choose overly crowded locations, and keep the correct distance between you and other pedestrians.

Walking with a household member. Yes, it is fine to walk with someone from your own household, provided neither of you have reason to be quarantined from one another. You’re sharing a home anyway, so going for a walk together doesn’t pose an additional risk. If you need a walking partner, this situation might provide the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with a family member.

Why walking is the safest exercise. With regard to exercise, more crowded locations such as gyms remain the main risk of contracting an illness such as covid 19. Most respiratory illnesses, such as coronaviruses and the flu, are transmitted when you touch an infected surface. Viruses can live for hours or even days on exercise equipment, door handles, free weights, and other objects. Then, once the virus is transferred to your hands, it can get into your body if you touch your face. This is why gyms have been closed down, and will reopen with caution when governors decide they are ready.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that situation when you go out for your daily walk. Just take care not to touch objects such as public vending machines, water fountains, doors, and so on. And if you need touch a surface, just remember to wash your hands.

Continuing your daily walks will help to keep you healthy, and support your weight loss plan. If you have any further questions about exercise or healthy eating right now, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.