Setting Healthy Goals You Can Actually Reach

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April 5, 2021
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Setting Healthy Goals You Can Actually Reach

When you first begin a medical weight loss plan, you’re doing it because of a few common reasons: You want to look better, you want to feel better, or you need to lose weight in order to prevent certain medical conditions. For many people, their reasons are a combination of all of these motivations.

Whatever your specific reasoning, it is common to feel very ambitious at the outset of a lifestyle change. You set a lofty goal… And then feel discouraged when you don’t reach it quickly. In many cases the feelings of disappointment can lead people to give up on their health plans altogether.

Don’t do that to yourself! First of all, it’s not wise if you really want to reach your goals. Second, it’s simply not a kind way to treat yourself. Setting healthy, attainable goals is the way to go. As you reach them, you will feel encouraged to keep going, your self esteem will soar, and you will stick with your medical weight loss plan in the long run.

So, what kind of goals are both healthy and attainable? Consider some of these specific strategies:

  • Choose a health tracking app, and install it on your phone
  • Make a check-in appointment with yourself each day, to write in your food journal, check your tracking app, and review your challenges and successes for the day
  • Increase your step count by a certain increment each day – 500 or 1,000 is reasonable
  • Add two new, non-starchy vegetables to your meal routine each week
  • Try a new type of fruit each week
  • Drink 64 ounces of water each day
  • Aim to lose one pound per week
  • Set aside one day per week for meal planning, and prep for a week of healthy meals
  • Add one mindfulness or self care routine to your days

The above are just examples of attainable goals that are easy to meet, but will support your overall success in the long run. Focus on small goals and steady progress, and you will eventually win the race.

And for more help with your medical weight loss plan, call us to schedule an appointment. We’re here to support you on your journey of health and self discovery.