Rejuvenate Your Walking Routine

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August 20, 2014
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Rejuvenate Your Walking Routine

Walk ParkYou already know that engaging in regular exercise is essential to meeting your weight loss goal, and that walking is one activity almost everyone can perform. But after weeks of the same old routine, you may begin to lose your motivation. When the couch starts to look more tempting than your walking shoes, rejuvenate your routine with these tips:

Get a buddy. It’s more fun to work out with a friend, because you can talk and laugh together as you walk. The fact that you’ll motivate and encourage one another to keep going is an added bonus. When you set a date with a friend, you’re less likely to let them down.

Make it count. Walking to achieve your own weight loss goals is certainly a worthwhile activity. But signing up to walk in a charity fundraiser will remind you that your actions can serve an even greater purpose.

Treat yourself. A new pair of shoes, a sleek exercise outfit, or even just a few new tunes on your MP3 player can give you that motivating “first day of school” feeling.

Focus on time. Aim to get a certain amount of exercise into your daily routine, no matter how far you’re actually walking. Focusing on the distance can be discouraging if you feel you aren’t fast enough. Remember that you’re burning calories every minute that you exercise, regardless of speed.

Count your steps. On the other hand, some people are motivated by improvement in their performance. If this is you, buy yourself a pedometer or use an app on your phone. Record the number of steps you take each day on a chart, and try to increase that number every week. Reward yourself for meeting goals (but don’t use food as a reward).

Find a new location. Walking around your neighborhood can become boring after some time. Try hiking in a beautiful wooded location instead, or take your dog for a stroll at the park.

Go backwards. Even if you can’t find a new location to exercise, simply reversing your regular route can give you the change you need to keep it interesting.

Try running. You might be losing interest in your walking routine because it’s simply too easy. Alternate running with walking to make your workout more challenging, and you’ll burn even more calories too!

As always, check with your weight loss physician before making changes in your diet or exercise routine.