One Simple Change You Can Make for Better Health

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February 23, 2019
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One Simple Change You Can Make for Better Health

When we talk about living a healthier lifestyle or pursuing a weight loss plan, often we leap to the conclusion that we need to make huge, sweeping changes in every area of our lives. In reality, incorporating small, manageable changes one at a time is usually the better way to improve your health and lifestyle. Of course, the number of changes that should be made will depend upon the individual, and the choices they are currently making regarding their health.

Having said that, we wanted to share one tip with you, that many people report as an obtainable goal that has really helped them: Get up and go for a walk after dinner.

Yes, that’s it! Sounds easy, right? Here’s why it helps…

Think about how you  often feel after a meal. Are you a big sluggish, and feel the need to crash on the couch for a bit? A large meal can even disrupt your sleep later that evening.

That’s because of how meals affect our blood sugar levels. If you’re following a weight loss plan, you’re eating more balanced meals, and this might not be a significant problem for you. But taking steps to address blood sugar levels is still a good idea.

When you eat, all of that energy begins to enter your bloodstream in the form of blood sugar. If you don’t use that energy, it is then stored as fat. And once your blood sugar level begins to decline, you end up with that sluggish feeling.

Going for a walk after dinner helps you to burn some of that energy, and keep your blood sugar level more even. Plus, walking can boost your digestive processes, by helping food move through your stomach and intestines more efficiently (this can address that too-full, gassy or heartburn feeling that might be keeping you up at night).

And, of course, you’ll be burning a few more calories on top of your regular exercise routine, which will boost results for your weight loss plan.

Give it a try, and before long this new healthy habit will become a regular part of your improved lifestyle. For more advice on nutrition, exercise, or your weight loss plan, give us a call to schedule an appointment. We can help you identify the lifestyle changes you could make in order to achieve your goals.