Can One Food Ruin Everything?

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October 4, 2016
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Can One Food Ruin Everything?

Group of friends eating at a restaurantEveryone has that one food. It’s the one that you simply can’t resist whenever you see it, smell it, or maybe even think of it. It leads us to late-night drive-thru windows and early-morning bakery visits. This one food might be responsible for five, ten, or even more pounds on your frame. And it should be off limits forever, right?

Well, no. That’s probably not realistic. It’s better to learn how to live with this food than live without it, because attempts to live without it usually end in guilty binges and yo-yo dieting. But when you can control yourself in this presence of this tempting food, you have truly mastered self control and weight loss success.

Still, we all must begin somewhere. Before you can master your kryptonite food, take these steps to get your weight loss plan under control. Then you can gradually learn to live with temptation.

Focus on what you can have. Often, labeling something as “bad” or “off limits” just makes us want it more. Plus, living a life of deprivation just makes us hungry (and grumpy). Focus on the foods you need to eat every day, in order to support your health. You’ll be full on a fiber-rich, nutritious diet, less prone to cravings, and not focusing on that one thing you “can’t” have.

Enjoy your meals. Eat slowly and without distractions, taking the time to truly savor each bite of a meal. Not only will you feel more satisfied with your current diet; you will learn portion control that can be used later when you do encounter tempation.

Know your limits. If a trip to the bakery is going to result in a full-fledged cookie meltdown, avoid going there for now. Part of your weight loss journey will involve gaining control over your temptations. As you grow stronger, and learn about things like appropriate portion sizes, you might feel brave enough to venture to the bakery… and purchase just one cookie.

Seek to understand the cause. Often our “kryptonite food” carried a deep emotional meaning for us. It’s the ice cream your dad used to buy you when you were sick, or the pizza you enjoyed during late-night gossip sessions in college. In some cases, you might be able to replace those comforts with non-food actions, such as calling your dad or scheduling a girl’s night (without pizza).

Leave the guilt and blame behind. No single food can ruin your life if you don’t allow it. And there’s no need to feel bad about indulging in your favorite food from time to time! Your weight loss plan should teach you about portions, nutrition, self control, and other tools that you can use to fight back against your “kryptonite”. When you are able to face your temptation, have a few bites, and then walk away, you will know that your weight loss plan is successful – no matter how much weight you ultimately lose.

As always, contact us for more information on a weight loss plan that really works. We can help you develop the tools you need for real, long-lasting success.