Need an Energy Boost? Try This Surprising Trick!

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Need an Energy Boost? Try This Surprising Trick!

If you’re like a lot of people, it happens every day. You arrive at the office early in the morning, ready to conquer the day… And just after lunch, you feel like you’re walking upstream, underwater. Where did all that energy go? And more importantly, what can you do to get it back? This trick is simpler than you ever imagined, and effective for surprising reasons.

Just go for a walk! Yes, really.

Hike up and down the stairs at the office, or lace up your shoes and head outside at break time. Just a few minutes of walking will wake up your brain in a similar manner to a cup of coffee. But you can skip the jitters and caffeine addiction, and give your body some much-needed exercise at the same time.

Why does walking work to wake you up? Shouldn’t the expense of energy wear you out?

A change of scenery. Any time you change up your scenery, such as heading outdoors or even just to the stairwell, you reset your brain in terms of stress. You’re literally walking away from whatever is bugging you, and looking at a different part of the world for a few minutes. This mental reset can do wonders for helping you dive back into work and solve problems.

Sunlight regulates circadian rhythms. Your afternoon slump might be partially linked to the fact that your sleep is often disrupted at night. Getting outdoors in the afternoon is a great way to boost your natural circadian rhythms (or the brain’s recognition of night and day cycles). Repeat your afternoon walk daily, and you’ll start sleeping better at night.

You avoid sugar. Unless you’re taking your coffee black to begin with, you might have been consuming quite a bit of sugar in the afternoons. Not only does that mean added calories that complicateyour weight management strategy; it also means another energy crash and more cravings in an hour or two. Taking a walk breaks that cycle.

Remember that we’re here to help with all parts of your lifestyle and habits, so that weight management is not only possible but easy for you. Let’s discuss energy and motivation issues at your next appointment, and we’ll help you implement strategies to keep your metabolism burning and energy high all day.