5 Steps to a Morning Exercise Routine

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November 11, 2014
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5 Steps to a Morning Exercise Routine

If you’re having trouble fitting your workouts into the ends of long, stressful work days, why not exercise in the morning instead? You’ll have your evenings free to relax or spend time with your family, and your workouts won’t compete with social activities or work obligations.

Another great benefit of morning exercise is that you’ll probably feel more alert and energized throughout the day. Plus, you’ll rev up your metabolism as you start your day – and some people report losing more weight after they switched their workouts to a morning schedule.

HiResIf you aren’t much of a morning person, though, making this transition can be difficult. Try these 5 steps to ease into your new exercise routine.

  1. Take it slowly. There’s no need to jump right into 5-days-per-week morning workouts. Start off by working out one morning per week, then gradually increase your workouts as you get comfortable with your new routine.
  2. Make a schedule. Write out a workout schedule for the week, taking into account other obligations. If you need to be at work early on Tuesday, for example, that’s not a good idea to schedule a 5-mile run. But it might be a good day for just 20 minutes of toning exercises. Decide which type of exercise you’re going to do each day, and mix it up to prevent boredom.
  3. Enlist support. Ask a friend to work out with you. If you know she’ll be standing on your porch in her running sneakers at 6 am, you’re less likely to skip your workout and sleep late.
  4. Get ready at night. Adding more activity to your morning schedule means you need to be extra organized. Lay out your exercise clothes, find your running shoes, and pack a bag if you’re heading to the gym. If you have kids, make sure their backpacks and lunches are packed as well, to prevent overloading your morning schedule.
  5. Get eight hours of sleep. Go to bed on time, don’t watch TV or use your phone in bed, and use room darkening shades or white noise if needed. Make sure you get that precious eight hours of sleep, because nothing interrupts a morning exercise routine like an overwhelming temptation to hit the snooze button.

Remember, consult with your physician prior to starting any new exercise routine.