Oral Appetite Suppressants

Proper diet and a regular exercise regime are crucial to losing weight, but one obstacle that remains a constant for those who struggle to lose pounds is increased appetite and cravings. Following a proper diet can be difficult if your appetite and cravings leads to that jelly donut for breakfast or that salty bag of chips with lunch. A regular exercise plan is no good if excess calories and unhealthy fats are not decreased. Ask anyone who has attempted a diet and failed, and you will find the main culprit for failure is typically hunger and giving in to cravings. Dr. Roland Fuertez of M.D. Diet of Temecula can help.

Medications coupled with diet and exercise increases the likelihood of success. M.D. Diet Of Temecula understands this and offers diet and exercise plans coupled with the appetite suppressant Phentermine. Phentermine is beneficial for weight loss as it gives prescription strength medication that enables the individual using this medication to control their appetite and feel fuller for a longer period after eating.

Phentermine is available in tablet and capsule form and has been used for multiple years to help obese patients shed pounds. Phentermine is FDA approved and is a great catalyst to any diet and exercise plan. Individuals can sometimes become discouraged after trying over the counter appetite suppressants and finding that they fall short in controlling hunger and cravings. Non prescription appetite suppressants usually fail in one of two areas. The first being complete failure to control appetite, and the second is the ability to control appetites for extended periods of time. Since over-the-counter suppressants are not FDA approved, there is no regulation on the contents or safety of the product.

FDA approved for Weight Loss

Phentermine is FDA approved for short term use by the FDA which means that studies have been done and safety of the product has been established. Of course, for those with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure or heart disease, it is not recommended to use this medication, or it needs to be used under the supervision of a doctor.

Weight loss medications are not a permanent answer for weight loss, but they can aid in helping with losing a large amount of initial pounds and boosting confidence levels for sticking with a program until a goal is reached. By seeking professional assistance, you increase your chances for success while having medically trained staff watch out for your health and well-being. Excess weight can lead to a number of  health ailments that decrease quality of life and even put your life in jeopardy. In taking the necessary steps to shed pound by following a diet and exercise program, and taking medications like Phentermine to suppress appetite, you are taking control of your life whileincreasing its longevity and fulfillment.