The GLP-1 Diet

Every weight loss diet is not right for every patient. At MD Diet of Temecula, we recognize the need for options that fit your level of health, unique metabolism, and lifestyle. That’s why we’re always proud to offer a new option to our client. Now, with the addition of the GLP-1 Diet, we can offer you yet another medically proven method to change your weight and your life.

What is the GLP-1 Diet?

Medical science recognizes that control of blood sugar is integral to weight loss. Studies have shown that a class of drugs, called glucagon-like peptide agonists (GLP-1), can lead to weight loss in the diabetic patients who use them. The GLP-1 Diet involves the use of one of these drugs, offered by weekly injection, paired with a prescribed eating plan to help the patient lose weight.

How do the GLP-1 drugs work?

GLP-1s slow the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine, so that you feel full faster and longer. This usually leads to reduced hunger and cravings in the patient.

Do you have to be diabetic to follow the GLP-1 Diet?

Most GLP-1 drugs are FDA approved for use in patients with diabetes. However, one drug is approved for use in non-diabetic patients for management of obesity.

How do I take the GLP-1 prescription drugs?

GLP-1s are offered by injection, once per week. We keep the same dosage for four weeks, and then increase the dosage.

Is the GLP-1 Diet right for all types of weight loss?

GLP-1s are appropriate for those who need to lose weight. They are not right for the patient who just wants to drop a few pounds.

Are there any other benefits to the GLP-1 Diet?

GLP-1s have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And because obesity is related to a number of adverse health conditions, getting to a healthy weight could help to prevent many other diseases.

Does the GLP-1 Diet carry any risk of side effects?

GLP-1s are not right for every patient. There is a risk of low blood sugar, and the drugs are not recommended for those with a history of pancreatitis. You should not use GLP-1 drugs if you have a history, either family or personal, of medullary thyroid cancer or multiple endocrine neoplasia. You should disclose all other prescription and non-prescription drug use, including alcohol, to the doctor.

Will the GLP-1 Diet work for me?

There’s only one way to find out. Call our office to schedule a consultation. We will take your medical history, screen you for underlying health conditions, and help you decide if the GLP-1 Diet could be the solution for you.