Lost Your Motivation? Here’s How to Get it Back

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February 15, 2022
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Lost Your Motivation? Here’s How to Get it Back

You started off your medical weight loss plan feeling motivated and passionate about getting healthy. Fueled by New Years resolution energy, you dove into a regular exercise routine and watched your food plan carefully. But now, as February drags on and we enter March, you might have lost some steam.

No worries! That’s pretty normal. But here’s how to get your motivation back.

Reset your expectations. Did you dive into your medical weight loss plan, expecting to be that rare person who loses 50 pounds in two months, or to be bikini-ready by March? If your expectations were very lofty, it’s normal to feel disappointed and for motivation to wane when miracles don’t happen. Remind yourself that slow-and-steady is the key to success, and revamp your expectations.

Choose goals that you feel good about. Sometimes, we have to rephrase our goals in our heads, so that they become more positive and affirming. What if you told yourself that you want to look great in a swimsuit… But you’re not even a pool or beach person? Change that goal to wanting to feel better on a long hike, show off toned legs in shorts, or set a good example for your kids. Choose something that feels good to you, not what everyone else is doing!

Develop habits that work for you. We all want to be that person who gets up for a run at 5 am. But if you tend to work late or simply aren’t a morning person, why set yourself up for failure? Choose a time for exercise that actually works for your schedule and personality, and you’re far more likely to find success.

Change up your workout. Don’t stick with a workout that has gotten boring! Add something new to your routine, change up your walking route, download new workout tunes, or do whatever it takes to keep things exciting.

Don’t focus on the scale so much. If you’re adding muscle while subratcting fat from your body composition, the scale might not always reflect your progress in the ways you hoped. Don’t attach too much of your hopes to a certain number, and focus on how you feel, how your clothes fit, and the feedback you receive from your doctor.

And on that note, give us a call. We should discuss a medical weight loss plan that really works, and help you learn how to stay motivated all year long.