Learn to Love Exercise

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July 28, 2014
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August 13, 2014

Learn to Love Exercise

stretchingYou already know that exercise will play an important role in helping you meet your weight loss goal. But if you’re like most people, simply knowing you need to do it really isn’t enough motivation. That couch is just too tempting, and you know deep down that the only way you’ll stick with any exercise program is if you actually enjoy it.

So how can you transform yourself into that happy jogger who eagerly starts his or her day with exercise? Try the following ideas, and you’ll find that exercise really can be fun – and even a little bit addictive!

Remember what you loved as a child. If you loved to ride your bike around the neighborhood, swim in the backyard pool, roller blade, or play a sport, find a way to engage in those same activities as an adult. Remember that “exercise” does not always mean running boring laps around a track or hanging out in an intimidating gym.

Make it social. Some of us are more social than others, and exercising solo simply isn’t as tempting as staying home to chat with friends on Facebook. If that sounds like you, join a sports team or exercise class so that working out can also serve as social time. If you aren’t a group person, walking or jogging with a friend can be rewarding, and you can keep one another motivated on days when you’re feeling “off”.

Mix it up. Most of us would get bored reading the same book over and over; the same thing can happen with your workouts. Switch up your routine with several different types of exercise that you enjoy, or at the very least vary your walking or running route.

Focus on sensation rather than results. We can often get stuck in competitive thinking – whether we’re competing with others or simply ourselves. If you get discouraged when the numbers on the scale don’t change, or if your team loses several games in a row, focus on how you feel instead. Notice how exhilarated you feel after a good run, or how great the wind feels on your face. You’re doing this for your body first and foremost, so focus on how you feel rather “results” which are really irrelevant to your primary goal.