How to Celebrate, Without the Sabotage

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November 25, 2019
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How to Celebrate, Without the Sabotage

With the holiday season in full swing, you might fear that you won’t be able to celebrate without sabotaging your weight loss plan. If you’re truly worried about derailing your program, you can always schedule an appointment with us to discuss your dilemmas. But for the most people, following these tips can get you through the holiday season without any serious setbacks to your plans.

Mind your appetizers. Appetizers can be sneaky tricksters. Because they’re small, and don’t “feel” like a real meal, you might assume they don’t contain too many calories. But in reality, appetizers are often quite fatty and calorie-laden! Position yourself away from buffet tables that contain appetizers, and strike up a conversation elsewhere.

Moderate your alcoholic beverages. Just one sugary cocktail can contain hundreds of calories. If you do imbibe, opt for light beer or a single glass of wine instead.

Skip the sauce. Sauces tend to add unnecessary calories to dishes, but they aren’t very filling. So when the gravy boat comes your way, keep passing it along.

Watch out for cheesy dishes. It’s easy to overdo it when you’re munching on a delicious, cheesy dip or casserole. But because cheese can really pack on the calories, and is hard on your digestive system, just skip these dishes or enjoy a very small helping along with plenty of vegetables and lean protein.

Everything doesn’t have to be off-limits. You know yourself best. If you can overcome the temptation to go back for seconds, it’s okay to have a spoonful of each savory dish. If you walk away feeling unsatisfied you might be more likely to binge later, anyway.

Don’t fudge on your exercise routine. Now is not the time to skip workouts. Make yourself and your health a priority, and you’ll continue to reap great rewards from your weight loss plan.

Volunteer. Spend some time working with a local charitable organization. It’s a great way to combat stress and take your mind off of your own problems.

If you fear that the holidays will throw a monkey wrench into your weight loss plan, give us a call. We’ll help you review your goals and craft a plan to avoid sabotage.