How Fit in a Workout When You’re Short on Time

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How Fit in a Workout When You’re Short on Time

Regular exercise serves as an important key to a medical weight loss program. But our plans don’t always align with reality. Most of us are short on time these days, and fitting in time for exercise can feel like a challenge. These tips should help you stay organized and make the most of a tight schedule.

Be prepared at all times. Keep a pair of running shoes and some exercise clothes handy in your car or office. When you experience a cancelled appointment, a delay, or unexpected free time in your schedule, you’ll be prepared to take advantage of it. Head to a nearby gym or just get outside for a walk or jog. You can even walk laps around the soccer field during your kids’ practices, or go for a quick walk when a meeting ends early.

Revamp your priorities. Exercise often takes a backseat to other obligations that feel more important. See if you can re-shuffle your to-do list and move exercise up a few notches. And when spending time together as a family, choose activities like a hike or bike ride rather than watching TV or playing board games.

Combine exercise and social time. Rather than going out for a latte or a beer with friends, invite them on a walk or to an exercise class.

Increase the intensity. If you can only fit in short workouts, bump up the intensity. Work out harder, not longer! Get your heart rate up and burn more calories in a shorter period of time by combining strength training moves or moving rapidly from one exercise to another.

Walk or jog, rather than driving. We often talk about “running errands” but then we get in our cars and drive. If you’re located within walking distance of the bank, post office, and other locations you need to visit, take a walk to accomplish these basic tasks.

When your schedule gets cramped, it’s time to get creative. But if you’re truly struggling with exercise or any aspect of your medical weight loss program, call us to schedule a checkup so that we can help you identify further solutions that might work for you.