Does Grocery Delivery Make Sense for You?

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May 15, 2017
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Does Grocery Delivery Make Sense for You?

You always have the best intentions. You create a meal plan, make a list of necessary ingredients, and head to the grocery store. And yet, somehow you return with more than you had planned. Snacks begin to expand, and meals change at the last minute. The vegetable drawer in the refrigerator becomes a graveyard for good intentions.

With many grocery stores now offering delivery or pick-up options, you might be wondering whether the service would affect your eating plan at all. While nothing is guaranteed, and results will always depend upon each individual’s choices, it is possible that these services could help you stick to your meal plan and weight loss goals.

No more impulse purchases. No matter how pure your intentions, it’s really difficult to avoid a few impulse purchases at the grocery store. And even if you pass up those donuts that are calling your name, the smell and sight of them might occupy your mind for days. With delivery or pickup service, you can avoid tempting sensory overload, and only your necessary meal items will be packed into your order.

Save money. Clearly, you’ll save a bit of money when you avoid those impulse buys. Every little bit helps, and soon you can invest in a new pair of running shoes, a jump rope, or some free weights. Or maybe now you can afford that interesting yoga class you heard about.

Meal prep is easier. The shopping process for delivery or pickup services encourages organization. So you’re sure to have everything you need when it’s time to cook. Plus, you can set up lists with your favorite service, so that re-ordering is a breeze in the future. And we’re all more likely to stick to an eating plan that is convenient!

Save time. Speaking of saving time, now that you aren’t stuck in line at the grocery store, you have a bit more time for exercise.

Of course, before you can shop for your meal plan, you need to create a meal plan! And if weight loss is your goal, we can help. Just call us for an appointment, and we can discuss your health and nutrition goals. Then together we’ll put together a plan that suits your lifestyle.