Fun Ways to Meet Your Water Intake Goal

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August 2, 2022
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Fun Ways to Meet Your Water Intake Goal

When you start following a medical weight loss plan, we’re confident you will find more success and satisfaction than you’ve enjoyed with past plans. But you’ll notice that one component of our program is consistent with just about every other weight reduction plan you’ve ever tried. We’re talking about the water intake! As you’ve always heard, it is so important to drink those eight glasses of water daily.

But what if you’re bored with water? Try these ideas to include more fluid in  your daily regimen, while keeping your taste buds entertained.

Start with a water test. If the tap water in your home tastes bad, there might be something off with the pH. Try a water testing kit, or consult with a professional, and then follow directions to filter your water or adjust the pH. Soon you can enjoy refreshing, tasty water straight from the tap.  It’ll probably be better for your pipes, too.

Infuse it with fruit, cucumber, or mint. Pop a few pieces of fruit or cucumber into a pitcher of water, and place it in the refrigerator overnight. Your water will include a mild, natural flavor that is refreshing. Alternately, you can try an herb like mint. Or start playing around with different fruit and herb combinations!

Add bubbles. Try using carbonated water instead, whether you’re drinking plain water or making an infused beverage. The added zing will make your drink a bit more interesting.

Try herbal tea. Try a cup or two of herbal tea in place of your regular water. Just watch out for the caffeine in the evening.

Go cold turkey. Some people feel that water tastes bad simply because they’re not accustomed to drinking it. Or more specifically, their taste buds are attuned to the sweet flavors of soda. Some people find that they must simply go cold turkey, give up the sweet drinks, and wait a few weeks for their taste buds to adjust. It’s not a bad plan! Soon you’ll realize that you enjoy a nice, cold glass of water.

As with all of your medical weight loss concerns, give us a call if you’re struggling with any part of your plan. We can help you troubleshoot your problems and identify potential solutions.