Five Fun Calorie-Burning Activities for the Whole Family

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June 6, 2016
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Five Fun Calorie-Burning Activities for the Whole Family

Smiling mother and happy son holding arms and flying kite in the sky during sunny day on beach coast and ocean waves

Between work obligations and childcare conflicts, it can be difficult for many people to find the time to exercise. Often you might be forced to skip your workout, because the babysitter calls in sick or your spouse is busy and can’t watch the kids. But there’s another solution; instead of giving up on your exercise goals, why not take the kids along? Try out these six fun activities, and you can torch calories while doubling up on quality time with your family.

Take a boat ride. Rent a rowboat or paddle boat for an hour or two. You’ll be surprised at the workout your arms or legs will receive! As always, remember to wear life jackets, and make sure that smaller children’s jackets fit properly.

Try tennis. All you need is a couple of cheap tennis rackets and some balls. At some gyms or country clubs, you might even be able to check them out for free. Head to a tennis court and knock some balls around. Even little kids will enjoy running to retrieve wayward balls, and older kids can learn about healthy competition.

Fly kites. Flying a kite can be more work than you would think! Head to the beach, where walking in the sand will add extra resistance, and pick up a cheap kite on the way. Your arms and shoulders will get a great workout, especially if you choose an extra windy day.

Try out your local golf course. Contrary to what you might believe, golf is actually a great game for all ages. Kids love the challenge, and you’ll fit in plenty of walking time. Plus, you can chat along the way as you spend time together. Just remember to walk as much as possible, rather than relying too heavily on your golf cart.

Take a hike. Pack a picnic and head for the nearest trails. Walking is a great activity, and you’ll burn even more calories if you choose a hilly route. Carrying a backpack (full of food and water) will add to your calorie burn.

The above activities can be fun for the whole family, but feel free to get creative and come up with your own version of outdoor fun. Having kids doesn’t mean the end of fitness; it can actually mean the beginning of a more fun, active lifestyle!