To Fill or Not to Fill?

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October 16, 2017
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To Fill or Not to Fill?

Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you… perhaps  you’re worried that you are beginning to show signs of aging. Lines and wrinkles are certainly normal as we age, but that doesn’t mean we have to be happy about them!  If you have a few smile lines or brow furrows that are bothering you, you might be wondering whether Botox or an injectable filler would be a good solution. What’s the difference? Which one is better for your situation?

Both Botox and dermal fillers are effective, safe solutions for lines and wrinkles. They’re both delivered by injection, and can both be done within the span of a quick office appointment. However, each type of injection is used in different ways, depending on the situation.

Botox is best for “dynamic” wrinkles. These are wrinkles caused by repeated muscle movements. Over time, your normal facial expressions create these lines that you might deem unsightly. Botox paralyzes these small muscles, so that your complexion smooths and lines are reduced. In this way, Botox can actually prevent lines from deepening over time (assuming you receive regular treatments). Botox needs to be repeated about every four months, or the effects will fade over time.

Fillers are primarily used to treat lines that are caused by collagen breakdown in the skin. Typically this means smile lines, although fillers have been used on the hands, or to plump up lips or cheeks. Fillers typically last from four months to two years, depending upon the material used.

Both Botox and fillers are regarded as safe, and are approved for cosmetic use. However, side effects can occasionally happen. If you’ve experienced a side effect from a particular injectable cosmetic treatment, consult with us to determine whether you can continue to use that method.

In either circumstance, you may need to return for future treatments in order to maintain your results. Call us to set an appointment, and we’ll discuss your individual concerns and the various methods for addressing them. Then, together we can establish a schedule for treatments that will help you feel more youthful, relaxed, and confident.