How to Eat Healthy at Summer Barbecues

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July 2, 2018
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How to Eat Healthy at Summer Barbecues

Pursuing a healthy eating plan can be challenging, as you learn about nutrition and which foods support your goals. But after a while, you get into the swing of things, and it’s not so difficult.

But then, along comes an invitation to an event. If food is involved, this means eating what is available while figuring out how the fare fits into your dietary plans. Some events will be easier to navigate than others. Luckily, you can probably attend plenty of barbecues this summer, without too much hassle. Just follow these guidelines when filling your plate, and you can stay on track toward your lifestyle or weight loss goals.

Shrimp and veggie kabobs. Depending upon sizes and exact ingredients, you can grab a couple of skewers while keeping your calorie total around 200 or so. Shrimp are high in protein, but low in fat, too. So these are the perfect option if you’re pursuing a protein-based weight loss plan.

BBQ chicken. Chicken is an awesome choice for the grill. It’s flavorful, filling, and packed with protein. Just watch out for sauces high in fat or sugar. Pair a piece of BBQ chicken with a small serving of potato salad, grilled veggies, and fruit for dessert. You’ll fill up, but without going over 400 calories.

Black bean burger. Black bean burgers are a terrific, nutritious alternative to traditional hamburgers. They’re packed with protein, low in fat, and you can cut the carbs by wrapping it in lettuce. Pair with a side of grilled veggies, and the entire meal will total about 300 calories.

And if you can’t resist the hot dogs… For some people, a hot dog fresh off the grill is just too tempting. If you want to indulge, pair your dog with a side salad, corn on the cob, and some fruit for dessert. Your total calorie count will come to about 500.

These are just some suggestions, and your actual menu might vary. Just remember to go easy on the simple carbs, like breads and buns, and avoid mayonnaise-heavy salads. Top off your meal with a nutritious serving of fruit, and you can enjoy summer barbecues without feeling deprived – or sacrificing your weight loss plans.

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