Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Fitness Plan

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July 26, 2021
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August 9, 2021

Don’t Make This Mistake With Your Fitness Plan

If you’re following a weight loss plan, you understandably want to see results very quickly. And so, you probably set goals accordingly. You want to lose five pounds by this date, or ten pounds by that date… and you’re looking for the scale to show changes right away.

Setting goals is certainly a good idea, and gradual benchmarks can be an even better one. But doing so can lead to one common mistake: You expect too much, too soon.

Here’s what happens: You start following your weight loss plan, which includes a healthy eating regimen, but you also put together a workout plan. Now you’re exercising more than ever before, and therefore you expect the pounds to begin dropping off quickly.

Unfortunately, you might see some confusing and discouraging results on the scale. Because you’re now exercising, you are also putting on muscle even as your body fat begins to shrink. The result is that new muscle, which actually weighs more than fat, can throw off your initial results. The scale might not move much, and you might even miss your first benchmark goal if it was an ambitious one.

The trick is to remember that consistent effort will indeed help you achieve change over time. But during the first few weeks of your weight loss plan, focus on how you feel. You can even evaluate the way your clothes fit, and you  might see changes there even before you see significant changes on the scale!

Remember that the first few weeks of any new habit can be the most difficult, and after that you begin to settle into a new routine. Your body, too, adjusts to the changes. Stick with it, and over time you will begin to pass those benchmark goals with no problem.

In the meantime, give us a call if you need more support with your weight loss plan. We can troubleshoot any problems you experience and help you stay on track to meet your goals.