Don’t Let Spring Allergens Interrupt Your Workouts

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April 8, 2019
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Don’t Let Spring Allergens Interrupt Your Workouts

You definitely don’t want to neglect your exercise regimen and sabotage your weight loss plan, but your spring allergies aren’t making things easy! Not only can an allergy flare make you feel miserable; congestion increases mouth breathing, which in turn leads to you inhaling even more potential allergens. To prevent spring allergies from interrupting your workouts, or getting worse if you’re already suffering, try these six tips.

Check the pollen count before heading outside. Many people forget this part of weather forecasting, but pollen counts can be helpful for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. If the pollen count is high on any particular day, you might want to substitute with an indoor workout instead.

Change your schedule. Pollen is more plentiful in the early morning, so switching your schedule to afternoon or evening workouts can help.

Consider your environment. The higher temperatures and carbon dioxide levels in cities can increase ragweed production (a common allergen). And of course, areas with abundant vegetation, like forests, will probably cause more problems for you. The ideal setting for outdoor workouts would be a suburban area at lower altitude, if you can manage it. At the very least, skip the weekend hike at the state park when pollen counts are high, and head to a local park instead.

Change up your workout. On high pollen days, switch to a lower-intensity workout like yoga or walking.

Get the right gear. A hat and sunglasses can deflect pollen from your face and eyes.

Rinse off afterward. Showering after your workout will rinse pollen from your skin and hair. You might also invest in a nasal spray to clean out your nostrils. Extend the clean-up routine to your clothes, too. Toss them directly into the washing machine immediately, so that you don’t spread pollen around your home.

If you’re really suffering, an physician specializes in allergies can offer various medications to help you cope, or immunotherapies to actually overcome your allergies for good. It’s worth scheduling an appointment to discuss your options. As for your weight loss plan, that’s our specialty. Continue meeting with us regularly so we can review your progress, and help you make adjustments to your eating or exercise plans.