Do You Need to Eat More Protein?

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Do You Need to Eat More Protein?

Whether you’re following a medical weight loss plan or just working to maintain your current size, you probably don’t expect to hear that you need to eat more of anything. But in many cases, that’s exactly what you should be doing! Specifically, if you fall into one of the following four groups, you might need to check your protein intake. There’s a decent chance that you need to increase the amount of protein in your diet.

You’re going vegan. Most experienced vegans actually get enough protein in their diets. But if you’re new to this lifestyle, you’re still learning about appropriate protein sources. It can be easy to slip up and rely on carbs almost exclusively, so double check your dietary regimen.

You exercise a lot. If you engage in casual or moderate amounts of exercise, your current diet is likely to meet your protein requirements. But those of you who work out an hour or more each day, on most days of the week, could probably benefit from a bit more protein in your diet. Upping your protein intake will help you to build muscle mass, if that is your goal.

You’re over age 65. Older individuals often struggle to get enough protein in their diets, usually due to waning appetite. Make sure to focus on this important nutrient, along with a weight training regimen, so that you can maintain strength as you age.

You’re following a medical weight loss plan. If you’re intentionally creating a calorie deficit for the purpose of losing weight, you need to focus carefully on protein intake. Not only will adequate protein keep you feeling full and prevent uncomfortable cravings; protein helps you to hang onto muscle mass as your body burns stored energy for weight loss.

If you’re interested in a medical weight loss plan or need more support for your current endeavor, remember that we’re here to help. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can help you decide upon the right mix of protein and other nutrients for your diet.