Do You Actually Need to Eat MORE Carbs?

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May 3, 2021
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Do You Actually Need to Eat MORE Carbs?

Carbs have gotten a bad reputation in recent years, and not entirely for good reason. While many popular weight loss plans do limit or eliminate carbs, nutritionists often view that as an unnecessarily extreme step. In fact, completely eliminating all carbs could contribute to nutritional deficiencies in the long run, and actually isn’t recommended in most situations.

The trick is to understand the different types of carbs, which ones are good for you and not so good for you, and to learn appropriate serving sizes. You actually can – and should – eat some carbohydrates in order to achieve a balanced eating plan. In fact, it is possible that some people following a weight loss plan can eat too few carbs. Be on the lookout for the following signs:

You’re wiped out. Carbs give us energy, so the first sign that you’re deficient will probably be fatigue. You might feel both physically and mentally tired, and headaches can happen, too.

Your workouts are suffering. Can’t get through a moderately challenging workout anymore? Your low carb count might be to blame. Try a snack that pairs complex carbs with protein and a bit of healthy fats, one to two hours before your workout.

Your mood is bonkers. Too much sugar can leave you feeling extreme highs and lows. But when your blood sugar remains too low, your mood simply drops and stays there. If you’re feeling depressed, sluggish, and grumpy, it could be a lack of carbs fueling your feelings.

You’re feeling “blocked up”. A diet that is too low in carbs will also be too low in fiber, which you need to keep your digestive habits regular. If you’re feeling “blocked up”, add more fresh veggies and fruits to your diet. A bowl of oatmeal wouldn’t hurt, either.

You have bad breath. If you’ve heard of “keto breath”, you know that people following very low-carb diets often experience a foul odor in their breath. Assuming you’re taking care of your oral health, bad breath can be a sign that you’ve dropped the carb count too low.

Remember, all carbs are not created the same. You do want to focus on the right amounts of healthy carbs, rather than filling up on starchy carbs and sugar. For more information on the right mix of nutrients for your weight loss plan, call us to schedule a consultation.