Tips for Dining Out Without Ruining Your Diet

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December 10, 2014
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Tips for Dining Out Without Ruining Your Diet

Temecula weight lossAt this time of year, you may find yourself invited to holiday parties, working late and ordering takeout with your co-workers, or roped into a big family gathering at someone’s favorite restaurant. Whatever the situation, it’s easy to ruin your diet at one of these calorie-laden feasts. But if you know how to order healthier foods, you don’t have to completely fall off the diet bandwagon.

Look for these items on menus, and you can stick to your weight loss goals while also fulfilling your social obligations.

REMINDER–   If you are on one of our medical diet plans such as HCG, please consult with us.  The tips below are general guidelines but do NOT apply to everyone and anyone.

At Chinese restaurants… Order beef or chicken with broccoli, and specify that you want steamed rice rather than fried. Keep in mind that one cup of rice contains 200 calories, so that you don’t go too crazy with it!

At Mexican restaurants… Avoid cheesy and fried dishes, and don’t make the mistake of munching on handfuls of chips before the main course arrives. Order the fajitas and skip the sour cream. Add all the salsa you want; it’s healthy and low in calories.

At Italian restaurants… Run far away from any dish with the word “Parmesan” in its title; that’s code for “breaded, fried and full of calories!”. Find a dish with grilled chicken, fish, or shrimp, and request veggies for your side item. If you absolutely must order pasta, avoid anything with heavy cream sauces.

When you’re ordering pizza… Remember that the crust contains tons of starchy carbohydrates. Specify thin crust on your pizza, and consider your toppings carefully. Veggies are obviously a great choice, while sausage is fatty and full of calories.

At any restaurant… Remember to avoid fried foods, and order grilled lean meats such as fish or chicken. If you must have a steak, avoid high-fat cuts of meat like ribeyes, and order a small sirloin or filet mignon instead.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a salad is the solution, because many restaurant salads include enormous amounts of fatty, creamy dressings (order oil-based dressings instead, and ask for it to come on the side so that you can control your portions).

Remember to order water or unsweetened tea, and skip dessert. If it’s a special occasion, split a dessert with someone, but take only a few bites and then let them have the rest!