Using Botox to Control Excessive Sweating

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July 3, 2013
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July 18, 2013

Using Botox to Control Excessive Sweating

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Of course when most people think of Botox, they automatically think aesthetics.  Or they may think Botox is only for the wealthy and famous?  However, Botox is used to treat conditions such as migraines and excessive sweating.

Now that summer is here, many people begin to worry about how they will control their sweating.  This can often be an issue with business professionals who must wear suits or warm clothing, even during the hot months.  Standing in front of a room while you’re giving a sales presentation is not a great time to find out that your anti-perspirant isn’t strong enough.  But there are others who suffer from Hyperhidrosis, a medical condition resulting is severe sweating.  For these individuals, sweating has become a lifetime affliction.  Fortunately Botox can offer some relief to these situations.

How is excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis) diagnosed?
This diagnosis can only be made by a medical professional, but there is a scale called the Hyperhidrosis Disease Severity Scale (HDSS) that can guide you in determining if you have this condition. Choose the response that is correct for you.

  1. My sweating never interferes with my daily activities and is never noticeable.
  2. My sweating sometimes interferes with my daily activities but is tolerable.
  3. My sweating frequently interferes with my daily activities and is barely tolerable.
  4. My sweating always interferes with my daily activities and is intolerable.

A score of 3 or 4 may indicate severe hyperhidrosis. A score of 2 may indicate mild or moderate hyperhidrosis.

How can you treat excessive sweating?
In the past, treatment was limited to anti-perspirants that are often ineffective on patients.  Over time, various remedies have been introduced but nothing which has proven to be quite as effective as Botox.
Botox is FDA approved for the treatment of underarm sweating when topical anti-perspirants have failed.

How long does the treatment last?
Of course not every patient will have the same results.  However, studies show that 50% of patients still had symptom control 6.5 months after therapy. Many patients have symptom relief for as long as 1 year.

If excessive sweating has become troublesome for you, call us to set up a consultation.  Our team of professionals can offer some compassion along with a solution.

Have a great week and remember to make healthy choices!