Boost Your Body Image in Less Than an Hour

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September 11, 2017
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Boost Your Body Image in Less Than an Hour

Have you thought about joining a gym? Or, if you belong to one already, how often do you go?

We’ve found that for many people, there is one thing holding them back from joining a gym, or going to their gym more regularly: They feel like they aren’t “in shape” enough to go work out!

Wait…. Isn’t that the point of going to the gym in the first place? To get in better shape? So why would you need to be in good shape before you even go?

It’s just one of those funny tricks of human psychology: We think we aren’t “in shape enough” to go to the gym. Maybe we aren’t comfortable with how we look in workout clothes, or we’re self-conscious about the feeling of performing in front of others. Whatever the exact hang-up, it keeps us from going to the gym. Then, we don’t get in better shape… and we keep avoiding the gym.

Obviously, the only way to get in better shape is to start working out! But first you have to get over that initial hump of worrying about your body image, state of health, or abilities.

Well, we have good news for you: Researchers at McMaster University in Canada recently discovered a way to instantly boost body image in less than one hour. They divided test subjects into two groups, and asked one group of people to sit in comfortable chairs and read magazines, and asked the other group to complete a 38-minute workout on stationary bikes. At the end of the study, participants were asked to rate their body image and performance.

You can probably guess what we’re about to tell you. The group that performed a moderately difficult workout reported much more positive feelings about their bodies and their state of health. And remember, this was after only one workout!

So, it might sound silly, or like an athletic shoe advertisement… But just do it. Yes, it is hard to walk into the gym that first time, or to return after you’ve fallen off the workout wagon and regained a bit of weight. But if it’s your body image that’s stopping you, you will be surprised at how dramatically different you will feel in less than an hour. That first time, you have to make yourself go…. With the promise of feeling better about yourself very shortly!

Of course, if you’re considering a brand-new workout routine or weight loss plan, give us a call first. We can assess your current level of health, make recommendations for safe exercise, and support you with a nutritional eating plan.