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December 7, 2012
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HCG Diet at M.D. Diet of Temecula | Temecula California

The Benefits of the HCG Diet

One of the newest, and most controversial, diets on the market right now is the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) diet. It is an extremely effective diet that allows your body to quickly shed pounds. This makes it the ideal diet to start now, just in time to show off that bikini ready body come summertime.

The HCG diet combines the use of HCG, a hormone produced by pregnant women, with a calorie restrictive diet. While a calorie-restrictive diet is assured to promote weight loss, by using the HCG at the same time, it ensures that more fat is lost, than muscle mass. Normally, during a calorie restrictive diet, the muscle is eaten away by the body as it views it as an internal source for food. The HCG hormone protects the muscle, directing the burning to the fat. The HCG also tricks your body into thinking that it’s not hungry, which is a huge factor when the body is consuming so few calories per day.

One important factor that makes the HCG diet effective is the fact it is begins with two gorge days. On these days, you can eat whatever you want. In fact, doctors recommend eating up to 3000 calories during this time. This helps prepare your body for the more calorie-restrictive days. Day three starts the calorie-restrictive phase which allows only 500 calories to be consumed per day. During this time, your body is burning more calories than it is consuming, which allows for rapid weight loss.

If you are ready for a complete body transformation that will happen in time for you to gloat about your newly trim body, contact us today for a consultation. We are the largest provider of this diet in the area, and will not let you down.