Temecula Botox Injections

Botox is an injectable prescription medication that is available in the United States. The active ingredient is a neurotoxin known as Botulinum toxin.

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How Botox Works

The powerful Botulinum toxin works by interfering with the normal communication occurring between the muscles and nerves.

The Process

Nerves are able to tell muscles to contract via a messenger called Acetylcholine (ACh). Botox intercepts the ACh messenger, as long as the message is unable to get from the nerve to the muscle, the muscle will remain relaxed.

Botox is available by prescription and is approved for use for six medical conditions and one cosmetic condition.

  1. Strabismus: Strabismus is the medical term for a lazy eye or crossed eyes.
  1. Severe Axillary Hyperhidrosis: This medical term refers to excessive underarm sweating. Botox is used to control this embarrassing condition.
  1. Upper Limb Spasticity: This term refers to muscle stiffness in the hands and arms. Many times this condition develops following traumatic brain injury, a stroke or because of multiple sclerosis.
  1. Spasmodic Torticollis or Dystonia: Muscle spasms in the shoulder or neck. This condition causes involuntary movements of the neck and head. Many times, the cause is unknown.
  1. Chronic Migraines: Botox can be used to prevent chronic migraines. This treatment is only used for those individuals who have not been able to find relief with other medications. Although there have been critics concerning the effectiveness of Botox for migraine relief, studies indicate that Botox is effective for treating chronic migraines. Botox has only been approved by the FDA for chronic migraine treatment of patients suffering with a migraine at least 15 days a month.
  1. Blepharosmpasm: This term refers to eye twitching. This condition causes an individual to uncontrollably blink and close his eyes, which can sometimes lead to functional blindness.

The Non-Medical Cosmetic Use


The product used to treat wrinkles is known as Botox Cosmetic. This medication has been approved by the FDA to be used to reduce the appearance and severity of wrinkles.

Many times the placement of certain wrinkles causes an individual’s mood to be misinterpreted.

Some of these misinterpretations include:

  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety

Previously, facial plastic surgeons would perform surgery in their armamentarium. However, this surgical procedure usually provided only slight improvement. These procedures also exposed patients to all the risks that are associated with surgery.

Botox injections provide patients with an opportunity to manage their wrinkles without the use of a scalpel.

The three most common sites where Botox is injected are:

  • The crow’s feet
  • Between the eyebrows
  • The forehead

The treatment can be used on people who are 18 to 65 years. If treatments are not repeated every three to four months, the effects will wear off. The Botox Cosmetic injections are issued to the patient in the doctor’s office and are usually completed within 10 minutes.

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