8 Ways to Support Your Fitness Goals

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January 7, 2020
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January 20, 2020

8 Ways to Support Your Fitness Goals

If you’ve made a New Year’s resolution to stick to a workout regimen, or just need to get more active to support your weight loss plan, you probably feel pretty good about your intended schedule. But intentions are one thing; actions are quite another! As many people can tell you, it’s easy to decide to exercise, but often much more difficult to stick to a new habit.

That’s why it’s important to set yourself up for success. If you’ve decided to exercise more often, decide to engage in these positive habits as well. They will help you stick to your new routine.

Get ready each night. Make sure your workout clothes are clean and you’ve found your shoes (and any other equipment you need). It will be much easier to get going when you’re all set up in the morning.

Don’t hit the snooze button. If you’re planning to work out first thing in the morning, hitting the snooze button will obviously cut into your exercise time. But even if your workouts are scheduled for later, you don’t want to run late and feel frazzled all day.

Set up a Plan B. Make sure you have a secondary exercise plan in place, for those days when traffic jams make you run late or rain keeps you indoors.

Track your progress. Whether you use a smartphone app or an old-fashioned notebook, tracking your progress keeps you motivated toward reaching your goals.

Make it fun. Listen to audio books, podcasts, or your favorite music while you exercise. Or, make your workout a more social time by inviting a friend or joining a fun class.

Pace yourself and set benchmark goals. If you start off trying to train for a marathon, you could become burned out and feel tempted to quit. Instead, set small goals and increase them by increments each month, so that you stay motivated to keep going.

Reward yourself. Snazzy new workout gear, new shoes, or really anything that you find motivating can make a great reward for when you reach those benchmarks. Just avoid using food as a reward, since that establishes a “food good, exercise bad” mentality.

Challenge yourself. One of your fitness benchmarks should be an extra-rewarding goal, such as competing in a fitness walk/run or learning a skill that has always interested you. This will keep it fun but also create a more interesting challenge that motivates you to keep going.

If you need help with your weight loss plan, or establishing a realistic and obtainable fitness regimen, give us a call. We can help you create a plan that suits your body type, current fitness level, and goals for the future.