8 Ways to Get a Beach Body… On the Beach!

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July 17, 2017
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8 Ways to Get a Beach Body… On the Beach!

Summer is in full swing now, and a lot of you want to spend as much time as possible on the beach. But of course, you already struggle through a jam-packed schedule. Lounging on the beach sounds great, but will it take time away from your exercise regimen and weight loss plan?

Not necessarily! While lounging, reading, and even sleeping on the beach are terrific ways to relax, you can also bring your workout with you. Not only can you cram a workout into your schedule; you can shake it up and make it more fun at the same time!

Play volleyball. Invite a few friends, grab a ball, and head to the nearest sand volleyball court.

Try paddleball or frisbee. You might not think that playing these games would burn a lot of calories, but it’s still better than sitting still. Plus, you can make up your own crazy rules, hitting the ball or throwing the frisbee into the water.

How about water aerobics? You might feel a bit silly, but remember no one can really see what you’re doing. Lunges, squats, jumping jacks, “skaters” and more become challenging when performed in waist-deep water. The motion of the waves adds even more resistance.

Give paddleboarding a shot. Standing on a paddleboard requires diligent balance, and helps to improve your core strength.

Go kayaking. Paddling a kayak is terrific aerobic exercise, and it will also tone your arms and shoulders.

Relocate your yoga routine. What could be more relaxing than yoga on the beach? Plus, you can try new moves, like headstands, safely in the sand.

Take a walk or run. This one seems obvious, but the change of scenery from your usual route can prevent your workout from getting stale. Plus, sand offers extra resistance, so that you burn even more calories.

And, of course… Go for a swim. If you’re a strong swimmer, do your “laps” in the ocean instead of a pool. Just remember to swim parallel to shore, don’t venture out too far, and stay within viewing distance of lifeguards.

These are just some ideas to get you moving at the beach. Remember that most outdoor activities can be done anywhere, so get creative! No one is saying you can’t bask in the sun and dive into a new novel later, but adding at least half an hour of physical activity to your beach routine can keep your weight loss plan on track.

And of course, give us a call if you need help with your weight loss plan. We can evaluate your health and make recommendations that work for your body type and goals.