8 Nighttime Habits to Help You Reach Your Goals

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8 Nighttime Habits to Help You Reach Your Goals

When you think about your weight loss plan and reaching your health goals, you probably picture yourself tackling important tasks first thing in the morning. Yes, it is wise to prioritize your health and cross things off your to-do list early in the day if possible. But what you do at night counts, too. Make these eight habits a part of your nighttime routine to set yourself up for success.

Set out your clothes. Decide what to wear the next day, and pack your workout gear. Having everything ready to go will prevent a stressful morning rush.

Plan your meals and snacks. Make sure you have meals prepped, especially if the following day will be hectic, and pack any snacks that you might need. Planning your food regimen ahead of time helps to prevent impulsive stress eating. Also, fill your water bottle and have it ready to go.

Schedule your workout. Intentions are powerful, because you’re more likely to follow through on plans that you voice (or write down somewhere). Plan the following day’s workout and set new goals if your current workout has become too easy.

Double check your food journal. Did you write down everything you ate that day? And did you make a note about your feelings, or track other measures of progress?

Have a soothing cup of tea. A cup of warm chamomile tea will help you relax and nod off to sleep. Or, try cayenne tea for its metabolism-boosting properties.

Relax. Choose a nighttime routine that helps you relax, such as a gentle stretching routine, reading in bed, or meditating. Just avoid screen time, so that you don’t interrupt the brain waves that signal sleepytime.

Get 8 hours of sleep. Schedule sleep times so that you get a full eight hours of quality sleep, to prevent the stress hormones that trigger cravings and weight gain. Make sure you address any issues that are preventing quality sleep, such as excess light, noise, or other disruptions.

And of course, give us a call if you have quesitons about your weight loss plan. We can help you troubleshoot your routines and make improvements to help you reach your goals.