7 Things to Record in Your Food Journal

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February 28, 2022
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March 14, 2022

7 Things to Record in Your Food Journal

As you might already know, learning to change the way you approach food is one of the key components of a medical weight loss plan. True change is not instant, but happens gradually over time as we learn about nutrition and get in touch with our bodies. That’s why a food journal can be so helpful. Your food journal can help you recognize patterns of behavior, keep track of your meal plan, and so much more.

As you start your food journal, focus on any (or all) of these seven items that pertain to your situation.

Keep track of your feelings and responses. Use your food journal to record feelings of hunger, along with other emotions before meals and snacks. You might notice some interesting patterns that help you to make long term changes in your mindset and behavior.

Time your meals. Not only should you record what you’re eating, but also when you’re eating. You might even discover that you’re eating too infrequently, which causes cravings and over-indulgence in some people.

Monitor your snacking. One big cause of weight gain is snacking, because a lot of us underestimate the amount of food that we consume between meals. Recoridng every bite you take can shed light on this situation.

Record your fruit and vegetable intake. Most of us simply do not eat enough fresh produce. And since focusing on what you must eat (rather than what you should not eat) can be so helpful to a medical weight loss plan, tracking your produce intake can provide motivation.

Count your grams of fiber. Women need at least 25 grams of fiber daily, and men need about 30. That can be a lot to remember, but using a food journal to record your fiber intake can help.

Remember your water intake. Using a food journal can be a helpful way to remind you to drink those important eight glasses of water daily.

Take note of your success. When you make a smart food choice, jot it down! You deserve to celebrate your successes, and doing so can be powerfully motivating.

Of course, you might also need guidance learning which types of foods, and how much, to eat. Call us to schedule an appointment, and together we will decide if medical weight loss is right for you.