6 Tricks to Speed Up Meal Prep

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January 24, 2022
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6 Tricks to Speed Up Meal Prep

For many of our patients, the biggest challenge of a medical weight loss plan is learning to prepare and portion their own food. Most of us are so accustomed to restaurant meals, and supersized portions that learning to cook nutritious, lower-calorie meals can take some time. And that’s one thing that most of us run short on these days!

If meal prep feels like a time-consuming burden, try these six methods to fast-track your cooking routine.

Grab a salad kit. There’s no need to waste time on chopping veggies and putting together Instagram-worthy salads. Just grab a salad kit in the produce section of your favorite grocery store, toss it all in a bowl, and mix. If you have concerns about the calories in the dressing, use only half of it and dilute with a bit of lemon juice.

Opt for pre-cooked meats. A can of tuna, a rotisserie chicken, or a bag of precooked shrimp all make terrific protein options without the fuss of cooking. Or if you’re going vegetarian, try canned beans or prepared tofu instead. Remember to keep protein intake in line with your medical weight loss plan protocol.

Experiment with bottled sauces or marinades. There’s no need to whip up on your own sauces or marinades from scratch, when so many delicious prepared options are available. Do remember to check the nutrition label for excess calories, fats, sugars, or sodium. Diluting them is another idea that often works well.

Go for packaged rice. Zap a pouch of precooked brown rice in your microwave for about a minute, and you have an appropriate grain for your meal.

Use frozen fruits and veggies. There’s no need to spend excessive amounts of time chopping up veggies for dinner or fruits for your smoothies. Frozen varieties work quite well for these purposes, and save you considerable amounts of time.

Choose precut produce. If you simply prefer fresh to frozen, then check your store’s produce section for pre-cut options. They cost a bit more, but time is money!

If you need further assistance with your medical weight loss plan, call us to schedule an appointment. We can help you learn how to create tasty, nutritious meals that help you achieve your goals.