6 Tips for Dining Out the Healthy Way

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December 12, 2022
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6 Tips for Dining Out the Healthy Way

You’ve successfully overcome a number of challenges since you began your medical weight loss plan. Now that the holidays have arrived, parties and events with friends might present some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced. That’s because so much of holiday gatherings tends to revolve around food! If you’re invited out to eat, these tips can help you socialize while sticking to your health goals.

Anywhere you go, remember that the grilled options are always better than fried. If you’re a meat eater, fish or chicken are usually the best choices. But if you are having steak, opt for a leaner cut like tenderloin or sirloin.

When ordering salad, opt for a vinaigrette dressing. At many restaurants, the abundance of cheese and creamy dressing makes salads just as fatty and calorie-dense as many of the other menu items!

If you head out for pizza, go for thin crust rather than regular or deep dish. This choice will cut down on your carbohydrates from a mostly non-nutritious source (white flour). Then, add veggies for toppings, and avoid high-fat sausage.

With other types of Italian food, avoid heavy cream sauces and fried dishes. Luckily, most Italian restaurants offer seafood options. Paired with a salad, these dishes are delicious and reasonably low on calories.

If it’s Mexican food you’re craving, avoid the chip basket. It’s full of empty carbs and calories that add up before your meal even arrives. Order the fajitas, and go easy on cheese and sour cream. And we have some good news: You can have all the salsa you want! It’s healthy and extremely low-calorie.

And if you head out to the Chinese buffet, limit yourself to one plate of food. Choose beef or chicken with broccoli, and choose steamed rice rather than fried. Rice is heavy in carbs and contains about 200 calories for a one-cup serving, so keep that in mind. It’s easy to overdo it with rice!

And as always, give us a call if you encounter challenges with your medical weight loss plan. We can help you decide upon a strategy to deal with the holidays and beyond.