6 Things to Know About Spinning

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May 20, 2019
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6 Things to Know About Spinning

By now, you’ve probably heard of “spinning” or “spin classes”. These stationary bike workouts all the rage right now, both in exercise classes and for those who work out at home. But it also sounds so intense. You’re intrigued, and wondering if spinning might be a good form of exercise for you.

Yes, it burns a lot of calories. In fact, a vigorous spin class can burn more than 700 calories in an hour. The exact number of calories you’ll burn will depend upon several factors, such as your body size and the intensity of your workout.

Spinning is great for your heart. Spinning can combine both anaerobic and aerobic exercise, and provides terrific benefits for your heart.

Spinning is also a great core workout. In addition to cardiovascular endurance and increased lung capacity, spinning provides a terrific toning regimen for your abdominal muscles.

Anyone can do it. Spinning looks like a fairly intense form of exercise at first glance, and it can be. However, you can slow it down a bit, keep the resistance low, or do a shorter workout if you’re just getting started. As with any other form of exercise, you can take it at your own pace as you gradually get more fit. Just make sure to warm up and cool down appropriately.

Spinning is lower-impact than other forms of aerobic exercise. Because you’re working out on a stationary bike, you can achieve similar benefits to running or other forms of intense aerobic exercise, but without the strain on your joints.

You don’t have to attend spin classes. You can use a stationary bike in your own living room, along with DVDs or YouTube videos of spin classes. Or, you can design your own program to work out at your own pace. If you frequently travel, just make sure to stay at hotels that boast a small gym, and you can take your spin program on the go.

Did any of these facts surprise you? Are you ready to try spinning? Just make sure to set an appointment with us first, so we can screen you for conditions that could make intense exercise dangerous for you. And while you’re here, we’ll discuss eating plans or other topics related to weight loss or maintenance, so you can reap the most reward for your efforts.