6 Summer Tips for Slimming Down

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June 11, 2019
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6 Summer Tips for Slimming Down

Many of us prepare for summer by trying to slim down or tone up. But if you’ve gotten a late start, that’s okay! These six tips can help you slim down comfortably (and conveniently) during the hottest months of the year.

Drink, drink, drink! You’re more likely to become dehydrated during hot weather, and dehydration is often mistaken for hunger. Drink water throughout the day, and you can stave off cravings and prevent overeating.

Eat seasonally. The fruits and veggies that are “in season” right now are also some of the best foods for a weight loss plan. Bring a caprese salad to your next pot-luck barbecue, snack on fresh fruits, and hit up the farmer’s market for meal inspiration.

Grab an ice cream (yes, really). Instead of stocking up at the grocery story (and filling your freezer with temptation), treat yourself at your favorite ice cream shop. Just order the kid’s scoop of your favorite flavor, which is often plenty to satisfy a sweet tooth.

Lighten up your drinks. Following a weight loss plan doesn’t mean you can’t ever have a cocktail with friends. Just choose your drink carefully. Daiquiris and margaritas are typically laden with sugar (and therefore calories). Try a light beer, a glass of white wine, or a vodka with a splash of cranberry juice.

Fill up on seafood. Nothing says summer quite like seafood. Remember to order grilled varieties, and stay away from deep fried dishes. Seafood provides plenty of protein, and fits right into your weight loss plan.

Get plenty of sleep. Disrupted sleep cycles actually prompt your body to produce more stress hormones, which can trigger cravings and slow your metabolism. So even though the nights are shorter, you still need to make sure you get enough sleep. Invest in room darkening shades, if the long days are keeping you awake.

As always, remember to come see us regularly. We can help you decide which foods fit into your weight loss plan, and discuss any obstacles you might face.