6 Solutions to Constant Hunger

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September 28, 2020
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October 12, 2020

6 Solutions to Constant Hunger

Do you ever feel like you’re hungry all the time? Persistent hunger or thoughts of food can be common complaints when you’re following a weight loss plan. But we don’t want your lifestyle change to make you uncomfortable or unhappy, so it’s best that we identify the source of your hunger and remedy the problem. Try these six solutions to address your hunger, and gain control over your cravings.

Reduce distractions while eating. If you’re eating while driving, working, scrolling Facebook, or are otherwise distracted, you aren’t paying attention to each bite you put into your mouth. Oddly, your brain might not register your consumption either. The end result is that you feel unsatisfied by meals, and want to eat again shortly afterward. Try putting down your phone, turning off the TV, and paying attention to each bite (and truly savor it).

Slow down. While you’re at it, slow down during meal time. Set down your fork in between bites, sip water, and give your brain time to catch up with your stomach’s fullness signals.

Drink more water. Yes, this is old advice, but it is based in science. Sometimes our thirst signals are confused for hunger, leading to cravings when we really just need to rehydrate. When cravings strike, drink a full glass of water and then wait twenty minutes to see if your hunger cues adjust.

Address your stress. When you’re stressed all the time, hormone levels are disrupted. This can lead to cravings, especially for sugary or fatty foods (called comfort foods). If you haven’t addressed your stress yet, it’s time to do that – both for your weight loss plan and your overall health. Chronic stress is linked to development of other serious health conditions, like heart disease, so take the time for stress reduction techniques or make an appointment with a mental health professional. This person is trained to help you identify the solutions that work for you.

You need to sleep better. Sleep impacts stress hormones, too. Make an effort to go to bed at the same time each night, avoid screen time for an hour or two beforehand, and get up at the same time each morning. Invest in room darkening shades, a white noise machine, or a better mattress if you need to. Your health is worth it!

Eat more protein and fiber. Your weight loss plan specifies the amount of protein and fiber you should be eating, but are you following through with those measurements? Make sure you’re measuring servings correctly and meeting your macros for these nutrients. High protein snacks, in particular, can really reduce cravings in between meals.

On that note, give us a call if you aren’t sure about how much protein, fiber, and other nutrients you should be eating. We can help you with a weight loss plan that is balanced, healthy, and most of all, really works.