6 Healthy Fast Food Options

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November 4, 2019
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6 Healthy Fast Food Options

Clients who follow our medical weight loss plan often tell us that work days can present some challenges. Perhaps you sometimes forget to pack a lunch, or maybe you want to join coworkers when they head over to a nearby restaurant. Other times, the problem is that work and other obligations prevent you from making it home at a reasonable time to cook dinner.

Whatever the situation might be, the bottom line is that sometimes you find yourself pulling up to a fast food restaurant. You’re hungry, tired, and in a hurry… But you hope to find something suitable to eat, so that you can remain faithful to your medical weight loss plan.

You’re in luck! These suggestions are available at several popular restaurant chains:

  • Oatmeal and sous vide egg whites; 330 calories
  • Egg whites, cheddar, and avocado on a whole wheat bagel; 260 calories
  • Vegetarian burrito bowl; 390 calories
  • Half chicken club sandwich and bowl of vegetable soup; 540 calories
  • Broccoli beef with brown rice; 380 calories
  • House salad with grilled chicken and light vinaigrette; 445 calories

Of course, you might not be able to find these exact dishes at your favorite chain. Remember that you can always ask if a particular restaurant features a “light” menu, or ask if they have nutritional information handy.

Another great tip is to consider hidden calories; mayo, cheese, and fatty toppings add quite a few calories to dishes that might otherwise fit well into your medical weight loss plan. Focus on protein, vegetables, and whole grains when you order, and ask for additional fatty ingredients on the side (or leave them off entirely). Most restaurants offer light versions of salad dressings as well.

For more help with your medical weight loss plan, especially if you need help learning how to eat on the go, schedule an appointment with us. Together we will analyze your caloric needs and favorite foods, and help you devise an eating plan that complements your health needs and taste buds.