6 Essential Body Weight Exercises

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June 12, 2017
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6 Essential Body Weight Exercises

For most people, putting together an exercise routine poses a challenge. You want to choose forms of exercise that you actually enjoy, so that you’ll stick with your regimen. But you also need to fit your routine into your busy schedule, and some people can’t (or don’t want to) spend a lot of money on classes, trendy products, or a pricey gym.

On top of all that, you want to establish an exercise routine that is effective. After all, visible results are what you’re after! Aside from supporting your weight loss goals, you might also be interested in exercise that improves your health. So where do you start?

You might be interested to know that there are some forms of exercise that you can start right now, without any special equipment. You also don’t need much time for them! You should definitely incorporate these moves into a broader exercise regimen, particularly one that includes some cardio. But if you’re just getting started, try these six essential body weight moves:

  1. Squats – these work your butt and legs, the biggest muscle groups in your body
  2. Lunges – these also work your butt and leg muscles to increase balance and strength
  3. Pushups – this is the best exercise you can do for your pecs, shoulders, triceps, and even abs
  4. Planks – another terrific move for your abs, and you can perform one-minute planks throughout your day
  5. Single-leg balance – from standing, lift one knee and balance on the other foot for ten seconds, then switch. You can also perform this exercise by lifting your leg to the rear, while allowing your upper body to shift forward.
  6. The Superman – lying on the floor in a prone position, squeeze your glutes to lift your legs. Lift your shoulders, extend your arms, and “fly” for at least ten seconds.

You can start out with eight repetitions of each exercise, and gradually work your way up to fifteen reps (or more, if you can handle it). Again, these moves are not a substitute for a well-rounded exercise regimen, but they can certainly be a part of one. Try these if you’re looking for moves you can do anywhere, in a short period of time, without any equipment. They will add an important strengthening and toning component to your overall workout routine.

And of course, consult with us about your weight loss plans. We can evaluate your nutrition plan and exercise regimen, and offer suggestions to help you achieve your goals.