5 Ways to Partner Up for Better Health

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January 14, 2019
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5 Ways to Partner Up for Better Health

Whether you’re following a dedicated weight loss plan, or just making lifestyle changes to improve your health, one factor always seems to become important: Those who have support are more likely to reach their goals. While it’s definitely possible to go it alone (and succeed), if you can recruit just one person as a “health partner” you will likely see better results. So, discuss this list with your spouse, significant other, best friend, or someone else upon whom you can count to offer support.

Talk about your  “why”. It’s always easier to make lifestyle changes or follow a weight loss plan, when you have a good reason for doing it. If your partner shares your reasons, or at least understands them, they can use the “why” to help motivate you.

Discuss the “how”. In addition to agreeing upon the goal, your partner should understand how you plan to accomplish it. Share your weight loss plan or fitness regimen, and ask for their participation where possible. Some compromise might be necessary; your partner might not require the same diet, or enjoy the same forms of exercise. Identify potential challenges ahead of time, and decide which activities you will do together and which ones need to be separate.

Agree upon “what happens when…” To avoid potential “motivational conflicts”, discuss and come to an agreement on how to tackle challenging days. How do you want your support person to respond, if you’re tempted by junk food or want to skip your workout?

Be clear about the “don’ts”. If your partner’s actions undermine your efforts at improving your health, be honest about those, and decide together how to handle certain situations. For example, bringing junk food into the house is a common point of disagreement. Decide together how your support person can avoid undermining you.

Decide how to involve the whole family. If your support person is your life partner, and you have kids together, discuss ways to involve them, too. Healthy diets and exercise are important for the whole family, and you can have fun together while achieving mutual goals.

Of course, sometimes your partner won’t be able to provide all of the support you need. Remember that we’re here for you, to discuss a medical weight loss plan, or help you identify other areas where you need additional support. Just give us a call and we’ll set an appointment to discuss your needs.