5 Ways to Add Protein to Your Breakfast

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September 3, 2018
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5 Ways to Add Protein to Your Breakfast

As you’re following your weight loss plan, you might run into certain challenges. Frequently, one of those challenges is the protein requirement. Most of the time, we advise clients that they need to add more protein to their diets (while reducing other calorie sources), because protein will keep your blood sugar more level and prevent cravings. It also helps you build lean muscle tissue and therefore boost metabolism. But if you’re not accustomed to monitoring your protein intake, making the necessary changes can feel confusing.

Often, you just need to make small changes to the foods you’re already eating, to change their nutritional composition. You can get started first thing in the morning (and prevent cravings all day) by using these five methods to add more protein to your breakfast.

Boost your smoothies. If you tend to opt for a quick smoothie in the morning, this tip is simple. You can add 17 grams of protein to a fruity green drink by tossing in six ounces of nonfat Greek yogurt. Or, make your berry-based smoothies taste like cheesecake, by including six ounces of nonfat cottage cheese.

Protein powders don’t have to taste icky! Protein powders are obvious way to include more protein in your diet, but many people find they don’t enjoy the taste. Forget the shake recipe on the side of the can, and dump a scoop of the powder into a flavorful smoothie instead.

Bake a week’s worth of quick egg muffins. This tip is great for those of you on a tight schedule in the mornings. Each weekend, bake enough egg muffins to last the week. Now you have a quick, protein-packed breakfast that you can grab and go. You can vary the recipe with veggies and different types of cheese, too, so that you don’t get bored.

Try overnight oats. Instant oatmeals might be a great source of complex carbs and fiber, but they’re fairly lacking in the protein department. Check out some overnight oats recipes, which can be prepared with Greek yogurt, and you’ll bump your protein content significantly.

You don’t have to eat “breakfast food”. You might feel limited only to items that you consider “breakfast food”, but there’s certainly no law against eating other types of meals in the morning. If you identify protein sources that you enjoy, don’t feel like you can only eat them at lunch or dinner!

Of course, the first step is to identify how much protein you really need to be eating. So call us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll discuss your weight loss plan. Then we can help you decide on a dietary strategy that helps you achieve your goals.