5 Ways to Get More From Your Workout

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September 25, 2017
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5 Ways to Get More From Your Workout

So, you’ve been working out for awhile now, and you’ve made some progress toward your goals. Maybe you’ve lost a few pounds, or you’re feeling more fit and energetic. Congratulations! You’re getting stronger and healthier.

Now for the “bad” news: Getting into better shape might mean that your workouts are less effective now. Your body has gotten used to them, and your sweat sessions aren’t as challenging as they once were. But don’t worry; with these five easy changes you can reap more from your workouts and get that progress going again.

Warm up properly. If you’ve been diving right into your workouts, your muscles might be overwhelmed. This can lead to you feeling tired before you’ve really done all that you’re capable of doing. Remember to warm up your muscles properly, and you might find that you can do a few more reps or lift heavier weights.

Wear the right gear. If you’re getting sore on long walks or runs, your footwear could be to blame. Make sure you’re wearing good, supportive shoes, and you might find that you can keep going a bit longer. You might also try clothing in some of the new fabric blends that wick sweat away from your body. Staying cool means you’re less fatigued, and you can work a bit harder.

Gradually increase your aerobic workouts. If you’ve been performing 30 minutes of aerobic activity during each workout, you know you can go one more minute. Add a minute to your time every few days or so. You will find that this increases your anaerobic (weight training) endurance as well.

Download some new tunes. After a while, listening to the same playlist during every workout will get boring. You might find that mixing it up with some new songs motivates you to work just a bit harder.

Support your body with the solid nutrition. You need the right mix of complex carbs for energy, muscle-building protein, and yes, a bit of fat in order to support your exercise efforts. Make an appointment with us to discuss your nutrition plan, whether you’re pursuing a weight loss diet or just want to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to get healthier. Food is your workout fuel, so make every bite count!